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A1 National Car and Van Rental under investigation

Refundable Deposit Not Being Returned & More

van hire

A1 National car and van rental are currently under investigation following 300 plus claims that it failed to return customers’ excess cover deposits.

Even with on-line banking some people still fail to check their credit card statements the advise from is always check that any rental deposit is returned to your card on completion of your van rental. It can take time so show so please allow 7 – 10 days.

We would also like to advise our loyal customers that we do not offer A1 National Car and Van rental on our web site so be assured if you book with us your booking deposit will be returned upon safe return of the rental van or minibus.

Customers are lured by the offer of free delivery and collection one such customer Mark Worral who thought he was getting a bargain had this to say.

Mark hired a van in August to help him move house and paid a refundable deposit of £250, the vehicle was returned undamaged with same level of fuel so a full refund was due but he is still waiting.

“The company has not returned the deposit, even though they said on the telephone I was due the full deposit back,” he said.

“I feel rather angry a company like this can treat people in the way that they have done, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.”

Other complaints received by trading officers include excessive charges for returning vehicle a little late and money taken from their bank accounts weeks or even months after completion of vehicle rental.

For complete story visit BBC news .

Book with , great rates with easy and fast online booking and be assured your deposit will be returned we only work with reputable companies.

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