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Car Hire Free Additional Driver

It is always good to have someone share the driving, especially when on holiday. The good news is that some suppliers at Alicante Airport offer a free additional driver

Suppliers that offer free additional drivers are highlighted on the results page, look for the "Free Driver" Graphic beneath the car descriptions of the booking results page  

free driver

Use The filter Tool To Select Additional Drivers Included for Free

The filter tools will enable you to display only the suppliers that offer the free additional driver. The filter is on left-hand side of the results page, simply tick the free driver options


Additional Free Driver Alicante 

Car Hire Alicante Airport with free additional driver

Adding Free Additional Driver

The suppliers that offer or include the free additional driver at Alicante Airport maybe not be the cheapest. Best to compare these offers with the actual cost of adding an extra driver to the car rentals. Extras can be added after you select the car model. In the supplier example below, they charge a flat fee for each extra driver, which is reasonable,  

Car Hire with Child Seats

You can bring your own child or booster, just be sure the seat meets with local regulations in the country you will be visiting. Alternatively, you can book a child seat or booster seats as option extras direct with the car rental company. These can be prebooked on the car booking page.  

Optional Extras

Ca Rental with No Cancellation Fee

Should the need arise, cancellation van be made free of charge. One stipulation is that the cancellation request must be received at least 48 hours before the pick-up date,

If you selected the Full Cover car rental option, this can be cancelled at anytime before the rental collection time.

The existence of a free additional driver when one hires a rental vehicle is not very common. Some rental agencies permit the spouse or domestic partner to operate the vehicle and still be covered by the rental agreement, but not all of them. Know the fine print in the rental agreement you sign.

Car Hire California

If you are renting in California, the current law prohibits rental companies for charging extra to add your spouse to the rental agreement.

Car Hire with Child Seats

Again, most suppliers will charge an addition fee for child seats and booster seats. These seats are not always in pristine condition and many prefer to bring their own car safety seat. Please make sure it meets legal safety requirements of the country you are renting in.  

Top Free Additional Driver Locations

The actual number of locations that have this offer are too many to list, as such the list below represents some of our most popular locations.



Some companies will offer a free additional driver throughout the year, others will offer free drivers at selected locations at various times of the year as part of a promotion. In California, the state law allows a second driver to be added for free. In other states, the law allows the spouse to be added for free.

With all these variables, the best approach is to do a rental search and let the booking display any applicable special offers. Use the filter on the left to highlight only rental companies currently offering a special deal.

Are free Additional Drivers Named on the rental Contract?

Yes, all named drivers must be present at the time the car rental is picked up and must produce a valid driving licence, and they will then be added to the rental contract. It is possible to add an additional during the rental period by returning to the rental agency and then added as an extra driver.   

The biggest danger of letting someone who is not listed as a driver on a rental agreement to operate the vehicle is if there is an accident while they are behind the wheel, they have no insurance. So check the rental agreement to make sure the proposed driver has been named on the rental agreement.

Can the Car Hire Free Additional Driver return the Rental Car?

Most rental companies will be okay with the additional driver returning the car to the rental depot at the end of the rental period, but do check in advance.   


This is not permitted, and we would advise changing the name of the lead driver to the additional driver if this is necessary. Please note, the new additional driver must also have a credit card. 

How many free additional drivers can be added?

This depends, for example in the USA you can select a package that includes 2 free additional drivers. For simply adding a free driver, that will depend on the rental company. The number of extra drivers can vary from1 to 3 drivers, depending on the car rental company and the location of the car hire request

If I am the lead driver, can my Spouse also drive?

In some rental agreements, the spouse or domestic partner can operate the rental vehicle and be covered with the insurance of the rental company. Unfortunately, the number of rental agencies that allow this are very few.

How much does it cost to add an additional driver if it is not free?

The cost associated with adding an extra driver varies, expect to pay from GBP10 - GBP15 per extra driver per day. In most agreements, the total number of drivers that can legally operate the rental vehicle is at 4. This includes the person renting the vehicle. The price varies for rental agencies, of which each one has their own price. The location of the rental agency also affects the price.

Which car rental companies offer a free driver?

The offer of a free driver tends to be a special promotion or special offer in most cases. These are normally for a limited time. However, in some countries, take Thailand for most rental companies will include 1 or 2 free as standard.

Why do car rental agencies charge for adding an additional drover?

The rental agencies are a business and, like all businesses, they operate to make money. They charge to increase their profit margin, similar to selling extra insurance, to reduce any local excess that may apply.