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MPV, Car & Minibus Hire – FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ section, below we have compiled a list Frequently Asked Questions with answers. Whilst reading please take note that we offer van & minibus hire from multiple suppliers and each supplier will have slightly different terms and conditions. As such many frequently asked questions can only be answered fully by referring direct to the suppliers terms and conditions. To view full details of a suppliers terms and conditions, enter your booking dates, select the vehicle of your choice and at this stage all relevant information needed to make a booking decision will be presented clearly.

Insurance Excess Important

It is normal for the insurance to have an excess,  this is the amount you are liable for should the vehicle be damaged. With van and minibus rental the excess can be high for example with Thrifty the excess is £750 , they will offer local additional insurance at £7 per day which will reduce the excess to £250. So even after paying extra your are still liable for a hefty amount. Europcar have an excess of £800 with extra cover available at £18 per day to reduce excess to zero. Even if you take out the extra cover  you are still liable for damage to windows, tryes and underside, which are not normally included in the insurance.  The extra cover can add significantly to cost whilst still leaving you liable!.

Most of our customers select the option to take Excess insurance cover with Mondial.
Our Policy Costs £5.00 a day and covers:

  • Excess up to £2,000.00
  • Windows
  • Tyres
  • Undercarriage
  • Roof
  • Rental car key cover up to £500.00
  • Personal Possessions up to £300.00

Mondial Assistance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA)

The option to add Mondial cover will be made available on the booking page after you select the vehicle.

Please also refer to our Van Hire Excess blog post that covers this important part of hiring vans or minibuses.

Do I need a special Licence To Drive A Van?

As long as the maximum gross (loaded) weight of the van is not more than 3.5 tonnes, you can drive a van on a car license. Nearly all rental vans fit this category and if they do not we will bring that to your attention.

Do I need a Special Licence To Drive A Mini-Bus?

A normal licence is acceptable to drive any minibus fitted with 8 or less passenger seats (excluding the driver).

For minibuses that seat between 9 and 16 passenger seats (excluding the driver), you may need category D1 entitlement on your driving licence. Drivers who passed their car test before 01/01/1997 will normally have D1 on their licence.

Drivers who passed since then will not unless they have taken a separate test.

For full details on who can and who can not please visit Minibus Driving Licence Requirements needed for minibus self drive.

How Old Must I Be to Hire a Van or Minibus?

The minimum age is 21, however some suppliers may insist set minimum age to 25 or charge an underage supplement this will be made clear during the booking process. I wear glasses/contact lenses when driving a car – can I still drive a Van or a MiniBus?

Yes Van and Minibuses are treated the same as driving a car, if your eyesight with glasses/contact lenses is acceptable for driving a car the okay to drive a van or minibus.

I have just passed my test Can I still drive a Van or a Minibus ?

Most suppliers will insist on having a clean driving licence for at least 12 months some may require licence to be held for at least 2 years , please check the terms with the supplier which will be viewable during the booking process.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

The simple answer is no. Where possible the price we display covers all mandatory charges, otherwise we clearly detail any extra costs below the final summary of charges in the “Additional info about this vehicle” and this can be viewed before booking the vehicle.

How Do I Add Extras

Extras such as GPS may be added after you have selected your vehicle, simply tick the box beside the desired extra, price of extra will also be displayed at this stage.

Can I change My Booking?

Plans do change for changes notified well in advance no charge will apply, the policy will depend on the suppliers terms which we will make available to read and agree to before before booking.

Is There a Minimum Hire Period?

The normal minimal rental is 24 hour, you may rent for a few hours but most suppliers will charge you the daily rate, Europcar offer special rate for part day rentals please enter booking times to find the best prices.

Do You Refund For Unused Days?

The supplier will not refund unused days for the simple reason that they will be unlikely to be able to rent it out over the unused however we advise taking out travel insurance which covers having to shorten your holiday and return early due to unforeseen circumstances.

Can I extend my Rental?

After rental has started you must contact the supplier direct to request an extension, they will check availability, please note they will also charge the local higher rate. Please always book for the number of days required, having said that extensions may be possible but will depend on factors such as season and vehicle type.

First Time Renting a Van or Minibus?

If this your first time or you are not familiar with the vehicle the supplier will spend as much time as needed to ensure you get the hang of things before leaving the depot.Driving a modern van is similar to driving a car just allow more time for braking and go slow around corners and ensure you set the wing mirrors before driving off. At first drive slowly until you become more familiar with the vehicle, driving slowly will also have the added bonus of reducing fuel consumption and saving you money.

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