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    Canberra MPV and Minibus Rentals at Budget Prices

    Why Minivan Rental while in Canberra Provides Better Understanding of Australia

    When you need to book a 12 seater minivan or a small 7 seater MPV we have options available with BUDGET Car Hire and AVIS in Canberra, Australia

    The one place where tourists can understand more about the history of Australia is Canberra. Here, tourists have the opportunity of visiting The Australian War Memorial and appreciate the journey that this country has undergone to be where it is today. The memorial has chronicled the role that Australian troops have played in war from the colonial era to the present age.

    Canberra is full of culture treasures. The New Parliament House is worth visiting with a large group such as family or friends. While inside the Parliament House, you will have the chance to sample panoramic views of Canberra. Afterwards, feel free to either walk or drive the minivan along the Parliament House Walk, which is 3.5km, while learning about Parliamentary Triangle.

    According to most accounts, the centerpiece of Canberra is Lake Burley Griffin. While in this part of Australia, do not forget to take your family or friends on a tour of the lake. It was named after one of the city’s architects. While here, park your minivan and embark on biking or strolling along the paths on the waterfront or picnic on the park-fringed shores.

    If you are into arts, then you should drive your rented mpv towards the National Gallery of Australia located on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. Queen Elizabeth II opened this cubic concrete structure in October 1982. The structure has more than 11 galleries full of the largest collection of arts anywhere in Australia.

    Canberra is a carefully planned capital of Australia. There is no better way of appreciating the amount of planning that went into making it one of the major attractions in Australia than by visiting Mount Ainslie Lookout. This remains one of the most popular vantage points in Australia and you will learn why by visiting it.

    Lastly, the National Botanic Gardens should be in your itinerary for several reasons, especially in the rented 7 seater mpv. It is only 1km from the city center. It occupies 50 hectares. The gardens lie across the slopes of the great Black Mountain. If you love outdoors and wildlife, finish your tour by visiting the National Zoo and Aquarium. Contact MVP Rentals for more information today.

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