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We are now the one-stop solution for anyone hiring a minibus or 7 steaer minivan  in the Czech Republic. Whilst we do offer 6 seater car rental we specialise in larger budget self drive vans sometimes called MPV’s. Keeping a focus on these highly demand rental car categories enables us to become experts in handling booking requests that range from 7,8 and 9 seater cars. We have limited availability on 12 seater minibuses and if not available via the booking engine then please send an inquiry, and we will do our best to find the minibus to suit your holiday travel requirements.

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Czech Republic is a heritage seafaring nation with abundant cultural attractions. The Torre del Belém in Lisbon is one of the best known sights in Portugal and commemorates its past. The tower sits beside the River Tejo in the district of Belém. The UNESCO listed Hieronymites Monastery is one of several other tourism draws in the district. The central Bairro Alto District is lively and packed with bars and eateries.

Best time to visit Czech Republic

Due to its clement weather, Czech Republic should be visited in the summer months , if off peak the prices will be cheaper.

Driving 7 seater car Rental in Czech Republic

On a highway, you cannot go faster than 130km/h while town has a maximum of 50 km/h and outside of major cities it is usually around 90 km/h. Drink-driving is a punishable offence and road blocks have been recently stationed in different busy areas at night to catch drunk drivers. Do not drink and drive! Punishments can be severe in the Czech Republic for traffic violations.

Speed limits:
Urban areas: 50kph.
National highways: 90kph.
Motorways: 120kph.

Czech Republic 7 Seater Car Hire 

You can’t mention visiting the Czech Republic without visiting the capital city of Prague. Prague stands alone as one of unique places in the whole country, even being a capital city. One of the most important sights when visiting Prague is the famous Prague Castle. Dating back to the 10th century, this castle once housed Holy Roman Emperors, the Czech President, and Bohemian kings! The Guinness Book of World Records has listed the Prague Castle as the largest ancient castle in the entire world! Don’t forget to check out St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilic, and the Royal Garden while strolling through this ancient capital.

The Czech Republic UNESCO Sites.
The Czech Republic has 5 unique UNESCO sites that draw in tens of thousands of visitors each year. The medieval architecture of Česk© Krumlov on the river Vltava near the Austrian border is one of the most famous. This city has not yet been changed by modern times and stands alone as a beautiful ancient city. You also have Kutna Hora, famous for having some of the grandest cathedrals in all of Europe, like St.Barbara. Also, the ossuary of human bones is a unique and chilling sight that is perfect to leave an impression on even the most seasoned travellers!

The Clementinum and Strahov Monastery:
Three of the world’s oldest libraries can be found in Prague, showcasing their love for knowledge and ancient traditions. The National Library of the Czech Republic was once a Jesuit College. You also have the Philosophical Library inside the 12th-century Strahov Monastery and the Theological Library, which contains the 1,200-year-old Strahov Gospel. If you don’t mind getting lost in history and reading from books that are hundreds of years old, then a library tour in the Czech Republic is perfect for you.

Compare 7 Seater Car Hire Czech Republic

A wide selection of both 7 seater and 9 seater minivans are available in the Czech Republic. Demand for seven seater cars is always high, so please book early. 

Locations in Czech Republic