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7 Seater Car Hire Hamburg Airport, Germany

The first step in planning a 8 or 7 seater car rental road trip, is choosing a people carrier that will meet with your travel requirements. In Hamburg (HAM)  Airport, you get access to an affordable selection of 7 and 9 seater minivans, that range from economy to luxury minivans.

MPV Rental specialises in 7 seater car hire Germany, the passenger minivan rental category is very popular during the summer and school holidays. If you are intending to rent a passenger van during these times, please book well in advance of your travel dates, where possible 

Where to Rent 8 or 7 Car Rental, Hamburg and Near Hamburg

Car rental is available at all points of entry and also local trains stations. If you are spending a few days in one of the major towns, best to book on the day you are planning to leave on your road trip.

The most popular locations in Hamburg Airport and near Hamburg airport are :  

Our group of friends went on an exciting trip to Hamburg, Germany. We were expecting to have fun and make great memories. Little did we know that our decision to book an 8 or 9 seater car would transform the entire expedition into something extraordinary. Join me as I recount our escapade and the myriad benefits that come with reserving an 7 seater car rental vehicle in Hamburg.

Popular 8 and 7 seater cars for hire Hamburg Airport [HAM]

The car rental suppliers at Hamburg, Germany offer a range of people carriers that can seat 7 or 8 passengers, plus a good stock of larger 9 seater minivans

Car Model Category Doors Seats
Dodge Caravan Minivan Dodge Caravan 5 Doors 3 suitcases
VW Multivan VW Multivan 5 Doors 3 suitcases
Ford Galaxy Minivan Ford Galaxy 5 Doors 3 suitcases
Mercedes Vito 8 seater Germany Franfurt Minivan Mercedes Vito 8 seater Germany Franfurt 5 Doors 3 suitcases
Ford Tourneo 9 seater Germany Franfurt Minivan Mercedes Vito 8 seater Germany Franfurt 5 Doors 3 suitcases

Key Car Rental Suppliers of 7 Seater Car Rental Hamburg Airport

Our search for the ideal rental car in Hamburg led us to options such as Wheego, Sixt, and Budget. While the search results didn't explicitly define what set these companies apart as the top car rental suppliers, we can gather some information:

  • Wheego: Wheego, a local car rental brand, displayed an impressive rating of 9/10 for car rentals at Hamburg Airport.
  • Sixt: Sixt, a well-known global car rental company, stood out with its extensive network of rental locations in Hamburg and around the world. Their fleet offered a wide range of vehicles, from sleek convertibles to spacious passenger vans.
  • Budget: Another major car rental player, Budget, was also prominent in Hamburg.

Despite the vague criteria for these top suppliers, Sixt seemed to emerge as a dominant presence, evident from the frequency of its mentions and its extensive coverage.

How can I save money on Hamburg 7 seater minivan rental?

You can do a number of things to get a good car rental deal for your upcoming trip.

  • Book 8 or 7 seater car rental Hamburg as early as possible, you can always cancel for free if you give 24 hours notice.
  • Look out for special offers, example some suppliers will provide free additional drivers 
  • Compare rates of different car rental providers by clicking here
  • Book car rental in low season. Most car rental coin Germany ave different rates depending on season, if are flexible book out of season for the cheapest rates 
  • Always check the rental car supplier's terms and conditions and pay attention to any additional charges for young or senior drivers if you fall into either of these two brackets

7 Seater Car Hire Hamburg and Beyond

Hamburg, a city alive with culture, history, and a vibrant urban vibe, had captivated us from the start. However, the true marvel of our adventure was its potential to extend beyond the city's boundaries. This is where our spacious 8/9 seater rental car emerged as our unsung hero.

Choosing a generously spacious rental car proved to be a game-changer. The sheer comfort it offered was unparalleled. No longer did we endure the discomfort of being cramped; there was ample space for everyone to stretch out, relax, and relish the journey. Those extended road trips between attractions were no longer a test of endurance, but rather a collective delight as we bonded, played games, and marvelled at the picturesque landscapes that unfolded before us.

Lüneburg Heath

One remarkable day, we embarked on an epic road trip to the mesmerizing Lüneburg Heath, a place known for its rolling heathland and vibrant purple heather in late summer. The vast cargo space of our rental car easily accommodated our hiking gear, picnic provisions, and even some souvenirs from local markets. This was an adventure where the journey itself was as thrilling as the destination, and our 8/9 seater made it all possible.

Lake Schwerin

Another excursion took us to the scenic Lake Schwerin in the neighboring state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Its romantic castle, charming old town, and tranquil lakeside surroundings beckoned to us. With the freedom of a spacious rental car, we explored not only Schwerin but also nearby gems like Wismar and its UNESCO-listed historic center.

7 Seater Car Hire Hamburg and Beyond

In hindsight, our journey to Hamburg stands as a testament to the indelible moments we shared and the seamless experiences that our 8/9 seater rental car unlocked. The advantages of space, comfort, and flexibility enhanced our exploration of Hamburg and its neighbouring treasures. If you're planning a trip with a lively group of friends, keep in mind that the key to an unforgettable adventure lies in reserving an 8/9 seater rental. It's more than just a mode of transportation; it's the gateway to unlocking the magic of Hamburg and its captivating surroundings.

Hamburg, with its cultural diversity, thriving markets, and the camaraderie of our travel companions, left an imprint on our hearts. The choice to opt for a spacious rental car wasn't just a practical one; it was a decision that elevated the enchantment of our journey in this dynamic city. Our rental car was more than a vehicle; it was the conduit to our incredible adventure.

Book 7 seater Car Hire Hamburg Airport Early And Save

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