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7 Seater Car Hire Memmingen Airport, Germany

If you are in the process of planning a 7 seater car rental Germany road trip, organising 7 seater car rental Memmingen is the essential first step. MPV Rental offers a wide choice of passenger vans available, enabling your family or group to choose a people carrier that will meet with your demanding travel requirements. In Memmingen (FMM)  Airport, you get access to an affordable selection of 7 and 9 seater minivans, that range from economy to luxury Mercedes Vito 9 seater minivan rental at exclusive prices.

Where to Rent 8 or 7 Car Rental, Memmingen and Near Memmingen

Car rental is available at all points of entry and also local trains stations. If you are spending a few days in Memmingen, best to book on the day you are planning to leave on your road trip.

The most popular locations to collect car rental are as follows :  

7 Seater Car Hire Memmingen and Beyond

Our trip to Memmingen was an incredible journey with close friends. Join me as I share our adventure and the fantastic benefits of picking an 7 or 9 seater rental car. It transformed how we explored Memmingen and its beautiful surroundings.

From the moment we arrived in Memmingen, we fell in love with its rich history, old town charm, and welcoming atmosphere. Little did we know that our adventure was not limited to the town itself. The real treasures lay in the nearby attractions, and our roomy 8/9-seater rental car soon became our unsung hero.

Choosing a generously spacious rental car made a world of difference. It was so comfortable. No more feeling cramped; we had all the room we needed to stretch out, relax, and truly enjoy the journey. Those longer drives between attractions turned into a pleasure. We shared stories, played games, and admired the serene Bavarian landscapes.

Recommended 7 seater car rental road trips near Memmingen

Neuschwanstein Castle

One unforgettable day, we took a road trip to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian Alps. Our roomy rental car not only ensured a comfy ride but also had enough space for our hiking gear and picnic supplies. It was the perfect companion for the adventure that unfolded amidst the castle's enchanting aura.

Lake Constance

Our visit to Lake Constance, a gem straddling Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, truly showcased the magic of our large rental car. We weren't limited to just one place; we had the freedom to explore the many facets of the lake. From charming towns like Lindau to the cultural treasures of Meersburg, our rental car made these experiences possible.

Best Car Rental Suppliers of 7 Seater Car Rental Memmingen Airport

Our quest for the ideal rental car in Memmingen led us to the top choices: National, Green Motion, and Europcar. These car rental companies earned their reputation for a few key reasons:

  • Location: All three companies have convenient rental locations at Memmingen Airport.
  • Price: Green Motion and Europcar offered competitive rates for budget-conscious travelers in Memmingen.
  • New Cars: Europcar won us over with its new and well-maintained vehicles available at Memmingen Airport.
  • Service: Europcar's reputation for friendly and efficient service matched our own experience during our rental.
  • Availability: National's status as a top supplier at Memmingen Airport, highlighted by Discover Cars, assured us of the reliability and quality of their services.

Popular 8 and 7 seater cars for hire Memmingen Airport

The car rental suppliers Green Motion, National and Europcar at Memmingen airport offer a range of people carriers that can seat 7 or 8 passengers, plus a good stock of larger 9 seater minivans

Car Model Category Doors Seats
Dodge Caravan Minivan Dodge Caravan 5 Doors 3 suitcases
VW Multivan VW Multivan 5 Doors 3 suitcases
Ford Galaxy Minivan Ford Galaxy 5 Doors 3 suitcases
Mercedes Vito 8 seater Germany Franfurt Minivan Mercedes Vito 8 seater Germany Franfurt 5 Doors 3 suitcases
Ford Tourneo 9 seater Germany Franfurt Minivan Mercedes Vito 8 seater Germany Franfurt 5 Doors 3 suitcases

Looking back, our Memmingen adventure was a tapestry woven from vivid memories and heart-warming moments, with our 8/9 seater rental car serving as the thread that connected them all. The benefits of space, comfort, and flexibility enriched our exploration of Memmingen and its neighbouring treasures. If you're planning a journey with a spirited group of friends, remember: the key to a seamless and unforgettable adventure lies in an 8/9 seater rental. It's not just transportation; it's the catalyst for unlocking the magic of Memmingen and its captivating surroundings.

Memmingen, with its historic streets, lively markets, and cherished camaraderie, left an indelible mark on our hearts. Choosing a spacious car simply enhanced the enchantment of our journey in this captivating town. Our rental car was more than a mode of transport; it was the gateway to our remarkable adventure.

How much to hire a 7 seater car at Memmingen, Germany?

The 7 days or weekly rental price will vary based on season, the cost below is for the month of September and is indicative only, expect to pay more for the summer months and school holidays. We have also selected the cheapest price option, so other supplier may offer the same car rental at a Higher weekly price. A 7 seater with Green Motion car rental company at Memmingen airport is € 461.44, but can change based on season and demand.

Book 7 seater Car Hire Memmingen, Germany Early And Save

We specialise in people carrier rentals.  A high demand exists for 7 seater car hire Hamburg Airport and 7 seater car Hire Dresden Airport within the UK. If travelling to Spain and need a 7 seater car hire Spain, don't leave it to the last minute. Early bookings will give you the best deal and the widest choice in this sought after car rental category. 

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