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Compare 9 & 7 Seater Car Hire Italy

Last reviewed May 2023 by MPV editorial team new Sections on Toll fees  Added

Minibus hire Italy has recently been added to the services provided by 7 seater Car hire, the response has been good with a high demand for multi-seater cars that will seat 7,9,10,12 or 14 passengers, so please book well in advance. The range of 7 seaters is limited, but most suppliers are able to offer the ever popular Ford Galaxy that can seat 7 in comfort

7 Seater Car Hire, Italy

7 seater car hire Italy

Cheap 9 Seater Car Rental in Italy

Italy is a popular destination for skiing and the 9 seater car hire Italy is a firm favourite with skiers. The extra space offered by a 9 seater will provide valuable space for all that skiing gear and luggage. Remember, book any people carrier including the larger 9 seater vans early during high seasons and skiing seasons. 

Being Italy, the Fiat Scudo 9 seater is available to rent with all the top Italian car rental companies. Other popular 9 seater passenger van models include the Citroën Space tourer, Opel Vivaro and Ford Transit passenger van.

The Citroën Space Tourer is a roomy, practical MPV with enough space in its van shaped body for as many as nine people. 

Citroen Spacesave 9 seater Itlay Car Rental
9 seater van hire Italy

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car in Italy?

In comparison to other European countries, the cost to rent a car in Italy is fair, but it is not cheap, especially when you factor in fuel and toll fees. With this in mind, it is worth doing some research to find the best deal car rental in Italy. With MPV Rentals you can compare the prices for people car rental with all the big names also smaller local brands and. Take advantage of our competitive rates and inclusive pricing by clicking here.   

How to Rent a Car in Italy?

It is possible to rent locally or when you arrive into the airport, but this is to be avoided for the following reasons:

  • Demand and Supply : If you are travelling during peak times, you may find that most car rental suppliers have actually sold out of all cars. This is especially true if you are after a luxury or people carrier category. 
  • Price : If you decide to take a chance and book when you arrive, expect o pay an inflated price as you will classified as a walk-in and the price quoted will be much higher than had you booked online in advance.
  • Solution to save on hassle and money :  click her and book online today.

Can you rent a SUV or Car in Italy if you are over 75?

All suppliers will provide rental to those over 75, some will charge an addition daily charge if you are aged 80 or over and others like okmobility will not charge any extra for drivers age 80 and above. Italy in general does not try and penalise senior drivers compared to other European countries with addition fees just because you have reached a certain age, but some do so, do check the suppler terms.

Toll fees in Italy are Expensive

You may be in for a shock when it comes time to pay your first highway toll fee. If you do choose to use the main highways, keep a chunk of Euros within easy reach. Example, the toll fee between Milan and Bolzano can set you back 30 Euros. If you think you can use your credit card, think again, as not all Italian Tolls will accept credit cards!

Italy Background

What could honestly be said about Italy that hasn’t been said a hundred times before? Italy is everything a great holiday needs. Wonderful weather, even more wonderful people, scrumptious food, heaven sent beaches, world-renowned architecture and let’s not forget the history! No trip around the world is complete without eating gelato in Rome and watching the world go by. Italy is truly a unique place and without a doubt one of the world’s favourites. You can hang out in the mountains, or you can lay by the beach. Italy provides it all and has the roads that make it worthwhile. Spend a few weeks in Italy, and you’ll certainly not discover everything – but you’ll have the lust to travel back again!

Seven Seater Car rental Italy Drives


No trip to Italy is complete without seeing Rome. They say all roads lead to Rome, maybe it’s because it’s the perfect place for your holiday, and you should always slowly be heading towards it. The remnants of the former Roman Empire make this city truly delightful. Get lost in little back alleys on your way to see the holy Vatican City. Grab a slice of pizza in front of the Colosseum or the Trevi Fountain and reflect on a lifelong past. It is no question why Rome’s city centre is one of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Well, this isn’t exactly the best place to drive your car around in, but you can certainly leave your car behind for a bit at Europe’s largest car park and still get to enjoy it. Venice is truly a unique city full of wonderful romantic charm that is slowly deteriorating over time. See the Bell tower of St. Mark, Jewish Ghetto of Venice and much more. Piazza San Marco is one of the most famous sights in all of Venice, as is the Museums of St. Mark’s Square. If you want to relax and eat, you want to get a history lesson, or you just want to explore – Venice has it all for you.  If you need a 7 seater car hire to explore Venice, please note these people carries are always in high demand. By booking early, you will be able to secure this sought after category.  

Venice to Montecatini Terme:

The trip Tuscany is a great road trip for eating and drinking. This 3-hour journey provides great scenery as you twist and turn through beautiful scenery and tasty wine country. Tuscany is well known around the world for having a combination of great flavours and food, so why not just make the journey? Drinking and driving is illegal in Italy, which is okay because there are plenty of camp grounds along the way. Montecatini Terme has a history dating back before the 14th century, when it was just a place used for nomadic hunters. Now it is a beautiful city with so much to offer, see for yourself!

The Amalfi Coast Drive:

One of the most stunning drives in the country, even has the Italians drop their jaws at the beauty. If you take this far enough, you’ll find up along the coast to Naples or Rome. While making the drive, head to Baia Dominza Camping Village and spend the night. With its warm summer waters and relaxing winters, any time is a good season to make the drive. Every kilometre of this drive provides something astounding. With a drive so rich in history, why not just do it?

Best time to visit Italy

The weather is so unpredictable it is hard to say, it is really a year round destination and always some activity that can be indulged in the rain , snow or sun.

Driving a 7 Seater Car Hire in Italy

Driving in Italy’s busy streets is nerve racking, that’s for sure. However, outside the city you’ll find very little difficulty. Italian drivers love to go fast, hence why for some it may seem daunting. Just go with the flow, and you’ll be fine. All roads have speed limits, even if they aren’t posted [which is common] so be aware that you can still be ticketed. Ignorance isn’t bliss in Italy.

The Autostrada (type A) has a speed limit of 110 km/h while urban roads have a speed limit of around 50 km/h. Urban highways have a speed limit of 70 km/h.

Renting a Car in Italy FAQ's

How Old Do You Have To Be to Rent a people Carrier In Italy?

The legal age to drive in Italy is 18, but most if not all will impose age restrictions on renting a car in Italy. As a minimum, you will need to have held a full licence for one year (a few suppliers will require you to have held a licence for 2 years) see rental terms. If you will be renting a people carrier, expect to be levied with an additional underage charge,

As an example, with OKMobility Italy drivers under 26 will be charged an underage fee of 10.00 EUR per day, with a maximum of 300.00 EUR per rental. 

Where can I view the supplier's complete rental conditions?

On the search results page, after entering your booking dates, a link will be displayed to that rental supplier's rental conditions. So please enter your travel dates into the booking widget to learn more

Can I rent a car in Italy without a credit card?

Yes, Some suppliers will accept either debit or credit card for the local security deposit. To display only those suppliers that will accept debit card, tick the debit card box selection filter on the car quotes results page

This will be for the local security deposit that will be refunded on the safe return of the rental vehicle.

Payment types

Any upper age limit on rental People Carrier in Italy?

This will vary from supplier to supplier, example okmobility do not have any upper age limit, but others have an upper age limit of 80. Overall, Italy does not excessively penalise senior driver over age 80.

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