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9 & 7 Seater Car Hire Pisa Airport

Unparalleled Comfort at Irresistible Prices

Exploring Pisa's Delights with a 7 to 9 Seater Car Rental

The first step in planning a group or family road trip is choosing a people carrier that will meet with your travel requirements. In PISA Airport, you get access to an affordable selection of 7 and 9 seater minivans, that range from budget to luxury minivans.

Where to Rent A Car In Pisa

Car rental is available at all points of entry and also local trains stations. If you are spending a few days in one of the major towns, best to book on the day you are planning to leave on your road trip.

The most popular locations in Pisa are :  

7 Seater car Hire Pisa Airport - More Space, More Fun

Our family's adventure in the enchanting city of Pisa, Tuscany, Italy, was a journey filled with iconic landmarks, including the leaning tower, and a wealth of historical wonders. As a family of five, we soon realized the importance of travelling with comfort and convenience. That's why we made the strategic choice of renting a 7 to 9 seater car, a decision that would significantly enhance our Pisa experience

The first and foremost advantage of our larger vehicle was the generous space it provided. With a 7 to 9 seater car, we could comfortably accommodate our entire family and all our luggage. This transformed our journey into a delightful and relaxed experience. No more squeezing into tight spaces or worrying about fitting all our belongings – we had room to spare. Our road trips around Pisa and its neighbouring towns became not just manageable but enjoyable, with ample legroom, air conditioning, and the freedom for everyone to stretch out.

Easy Access to Pisa's Gems with 7 Seater car Hire Pisa Airport

Our spacious rental car granted us the freedom to explore Pisa at our own pace, effectively turning it into a mobile living room on wheels. We could effortlessly transport the entire family to Pisa's renowned tourist attractions and must-visit locations without the hassle of coordinating separate transportation or dealing with crowded buses or taxis. The leaning tower, the historic city center, and all the captivating sites were just a drive away, enhancing our sightseeing adventures.

Navigating Pisa's Quaint Streets

While the idea of driving in an Italian city, particularly one known for its narrow and winding streets, might seem daunting, our 7 to 9 seater car's spaciousness was, in fact, a valuable asset. It didn't hinder our manoeuvrability; instead, it provided us with both comfort and peace of mind. As we skilfully navigated Pisa's intricate road network, we had the support of a GPS and the space to store a reliable map, ensuring that we tackled the city's complex roadways with confidence.

Exploring Beyond Pisa

The convenience of our spacious vehicle extended beyond Pisa's borders. We embarked on unforgettable road trips, delving into the heart of the Chianti Wine Region, where we savoured fine wines and revelled in the region's scenic beauty. We cruised along the breathtaking coastal road of the Cinque Terre, exploring five charming fishing villages along the Italian Riviera. In addition, we ventured into the medieval wonderland of San Gimignano, captivated by its well-preserved towers and historic architecture. These excursions wouldn't have been as seamless and enjoyable without the spacious comfort of our 7 to 9 seater car.

When to Book 7 seater car hire, Pisa Airport for the Best Deals

Our experience taught us that the optimal time to secure our 7 seater car rental Pisa Airport is during the shoulder seasons of April to May and September to October. Not only did the weather remain pleasant, but the thinner crowds translated into budget-friendly prices for our car rental. This allowed us to save on costs and allocate our budget to more exciting experiences.

We specialise in 7 seater car hire Italy.  A high demand exists for 7 seater car hire Palermo Airport and 7 seater car Hire Milan Malpensa Airport within Italy and Sicily. If travelling to France and need a 7 or 9 seater car hire France, don't leave it to the last minute. Early bookings will give you the best deal and the widest choice in this sought after car rental category., Don't wait getting going and book today, free cancellation within 24 hours of departure.  

Recommended Car Rental Suppliers in Pisa

While planning our trip to Pisa, we thoroughly researched car rental options. Among the top choices, Enterprise, Target Rent, and Sicily by Car offered a wide range 9 and 7 seater car hire Pisa airport of vehicles at competitive prices. Their conveniently located outlets ensured a smooth transition into our Pisa exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions About Driving and Renting a Car in Pisa

Here are some popular questions that might help you!

What are the requirements for renting a car in Pisa Airport?

To rent a car near Pisa or Pisa Airport, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driving licence. Some car rental companies may require an international driving licence, so it's best to check with the rental company beforehand.

What is the driving like in Pisa? 

Driving in Pisa can be challenging, especially in the city centre where streets can be narrow and winding. It's important to be aware of local traffic laws and road conditions, and to use a GPS or map to navigate the city.

What are the alternatives to renting a car in Pisa?

If you're not comfortable driving in Pisa, there are several alternatives to renting a car, including public transportation, taxis, and private tours.

What should I do if I have an accident or breakdown while driving in Pisa?

If you have an accident or breakdown while driving in Pisa, stay calm and contact your rental company immediately. They will provide you with instructions on what to do next, including contacting the police or a tow truck if necessary.

How Can I Extend my 7 seater Car Hire Pisa Airport Booking?

If the rental has commenced, you must contact the car rental supplier directly, contact details can be found on the rental voucher. If the car has not already been prebooked, the company will let you extend, but you will be charged a higher local rate.

Will my payment be refunded if I cancel my car hire booking?

Free cancellation applies until 48 hours before your pickup time, this means that if 24 hours notice provided you will be entitled to a full refund.

If you cancel your booking less than 48 hours before pickup, the amount paid when you book will not be refunded, but your travel insurance may cover this event.

Can I hire a car when I have penalty points on my licence?

With the introduction of smart cameras and smartphones, many more divers have points on their licence. If you have less than 6 and have no major driving convictions, you will be able to rent with MPV Rental Suppliers. 

If you have more than 6 points, then please do contact us.

Can I hire a seven seater car using a Debit Card?

A growing number of car rental companies are now accepting debits cards for the local security deposit.

Having entered your travel dates and landed on the results page,  please select the filter for debit cards titled Payment methods.

Card at Pickup

Can I take my people carrier car outside the country I am renting in?

This will depend on the car company and what insurance they have in place with cross border travel.

Check the supplier cross border policy, found under terms and conditions on the results page.

Below is taken from Rental Plus, Pisa, Italy 

Cross Border Policy Italy

Our family's journey to Pisa was undoubtedly enriched by our decision to rent a 7 to 9 seater car. The additional space, comfort, and flexibility it offered proved invaluable. It made navigating Pisa's charming streets, exploring the surrounding regions, and visiting the must-see attractions a breeze. For those looking to make the most of their Pisa adventure, a spacious rental car is a game-changer. Our unforgettable experiences, from sipping Chianti wines to admiring coastal villages, were all made possible by the comfort and convenience of our rental car.

Book 7 seater Car Hire Pisa Airport Early And Save

We specialise in9 and 7 seater car hire Pisa airport and near Pisa. A high demand exists for 7 seater car hire Pisa Airport and near Pisa within the UK. Early bookings will give you the best deal and the widest choice in this sought after car rental category., Don't wait getting going and book today, free cancellation within 24 hours of departure.  

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