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7 Seater Car Hire Podgorica Airport & 9 Seater Rental Minivan Rental

Have you ever felt the thrill of landing at a new airport, eager to dive right into your awaiting adventure? I certainly have, and I can tell you that one key element can set the tone for the rest of your journey, and that's the perfect ride.

It's like this, you touch down at Podgorica Airport with your family or group, buzzing with excitement. Right away, you're faced with a question: how do we all travel together without splitting up?

That's where a spacious 7/9 seater car steps in. Luckily for you, MVP Rentals is right there, partnering with some of the best car rental companies at Podgorica Airport.

We specialise in 7 Seater car hire Montenegro. The people carrier category is very popular rental selection during the summer and school holidays. If you need to hire a passenger minivan rental at Podgorica, always book early.

Together, we ensure you're cruising the city streets in no time. Let's dive into why this choice will elevate your travel experience.

Why Should You Hire a 7 or 9 seater in Podgorica Airport?

Travelling, for many of us, is a form of escape, a chance to dive into new adventures and create lasting memories. When you arrive at Podgorica Airport, the excitement is palpable.

But then a pressing question arises: with a sizable group, how do you move around comfortably? Well, that's where the 7/9 seater cars shine.

For one, you can keep the group together. No more following each other through traffic, getting lost, or waiting for the other car to catch up. It's about shared laughter, songs, and conversations right from the start.

Next, think about luggage. I know how it feels to travel light, but let's face it, we often need more than one suitcase. These cars give you ample space, ensuring your belongings aren't squished or left behind.

Lastly, Podgorica's picturesque views are best enjoyed when everyone shares the same window, experiencing the magic together.

In essence, hiring a 7 or 9 seater at Podgorica Airport through MVP Rentals ensures that your trip starts on a comfortable and connected note. After all, isn't that what travel's about?

7 and 9 Seater Rental Cars Services in Podgorica Airport

When you set foot in Podgorica Airport, you're not just landing in Montenegro's capital; you're stepping into a hub of possibilities. And what better way to navigate those possibilities than with a comfortable car that fits everyone and everything? I've looked into the options available at the airport through MVP Rentals' partners. Let me guide you through the choices.

  • GreenMotion (Ford C-Max): This beauty comes in at around €578. It's a reasonably priced option that doesn't compromise on comfort or space
  • Sicily by Car (Renault Grand Scenic): Priced at approximately €696, it's a step up but offers additional features that could make your journey smoother.
  • Abbycar (Dacia Lodgy): This option stands at about €807. With Abbycar, you get reliability and roominess.
  • ACE (Toyota Sienna): At around €1000, this car is for those who value brand reputation and additional luxuries.
  • AVIS (Citroen C4 Picasso): Priced at roughly €1060, it's a blend of style and substance. AVIS is a trusted name, and their Picasso model is a testament to their quality.
  • AutoUnion (Opel Vivaro): A bit on the higher side, this model is available for around €1325. But, with the extra cost comes extra comfort.
  • Carwiz (Mercedes Benz V Class): For those of you who desire luxury, this one, priced at about €1893, is the pinnacle of class and comfort.

Now, what if I told you there's more? Every car listed above, no matter the price, offers unlimited mileage. That's right, drive as much as you want! Additionally, they provide a collision damage waiver, theft protection, and roadside assistance.

You're also covered with third-party liability (TPL) and an airport surcharge. That's a lot of value packed into every option. So, all that's left for you to do is to decide which car feels right for your budget and your adventure!

Why Should You Hire a 7 or 9 seater car in Podgorica Airport?

Travelling is a joy I believe everyone should experience. When you touch down in a new place, the world opens up with endless possibilities.

Now, imagine arriving at Podgorica Airport with your family or a group of friends. There's an air of excitement. The chatter, the plans, the anticipation. But why should you hire a 7 or 9 seater car and not just any car?

1. Room for All: No one wants to feel squished on holiday. With a 7 or 9 seater, everyone can stretch out comfortably.

2. Luggage Space: Travelling light isn't for everyone. These larger vehicles ensure everyone's suitcase has a spot.

3. Together is Better: When we travel together, we want to stay together. Don't split up; keep the gang in one vehicle.

4. Save Money: Think about it. One car uses less fuel than two. It's simple math and a wise choice for your wallet.

5. Shared Memories: Road trips, singalongs, or even getting lost - it's better when shared.

When you're ready to embark on your Podgorica adventure, think big. A 7 or 9 seater is the smart, fun choice.

What’s the Best Time to Visit Podgorica, Montenegro?

When it comes to Podgorica, timing is everything. Trust me.

Visit during spring, from April to June. It's a dream! Flowers bloom, the sun smiles mildly, and you? You'll relish every moment outdoors.

Fall in love with Podgorica in Autumn, between September and November. Trees wear golden gowns, and the city gets a romantic tint.

Summer? Warm and lively. But if sunbathing is your thing, you'll fit right in. Winter is calmer, with fewer crowds.

Whenever you choose to go, remember: MVP Rentals has your back, ensuring you ride comfortably. So, are you ready for Podgorica?