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6,7,8 and 9 Seater Car Hire Oslo

The third-largest city of Scandinavia and also the capital and largest city in Norway has a perfect location for those wanting to explore not only the vast nature Norway offers, but also get a chance to get historic and learn about the Viking culture that Norway is proud and famous for. The city itself has a history dating back well over a 1,000 years and still some remnants of the time passed to keep interest and learning about a civilization that was so unique and once existed. For those that love nature, though, you just can’t find anything better. Oslo is surrounded by dense forest that begs to be explored with the right equipment, and also has dozens of roads to get in touch with mother nature!

Cheap 6,7,8 and 9 Seater Car Rental Oslo Airport

We can provide MPV hire in Oslo and Oslo Rygge airport. When it comes to selecting the right auto for Oslo vacation, MPV Rentals can offer the ever popular Ford S-MAX that has seating capacity for 7 passengers. In addition to the Ford Max, we have a good selection of 4×4 off road vehicles, which includes the Octavia Skoda STW 4WD. Boom your 6, 7,8 and 9 seaters all the way up to 12 seater minibuses with MPVRentals today!

The Volvo V60 has just been added to the fleet of luxury self drive people carriers available to hire in Oslo, Norway

Recommended Car and MPV Driving Routes in Oslo

Highway E18 extends along the fjords in Eastern Norway, like Oslofjord, Sandefjord, and Drammensfjord – which are some reasons people absolutely love Norway. If you are in the area, you cannot miss the beaches and the water sports. That is when you aren’t soaking up some of the histories that date back to the Viking era. Oslofjord is actually so large it has over 22 cities surrounding the water! To get here, it is only about an hour and a half and 100-kilometers using the E18.

Hardangervidda is one of the largest national parks in Norway and is also one of the largest highland plateau’s in Northern Europe. On the way, you’ll pass hundreds of hiking paths, lakes, rivers, and pass Tyrifjord Lake while making your way to Geilo – the popular ski town. The National Park itself is well over 3000 kilometers squared and the drive to it makes it seem almost endless. Don’t forget to also check out the most famous mountains in Norway, Guastaoppen. The drive is quite easy from Oslo following the signs off the E18.

From Oslo, if you hop on the E6 you’ll pass along Mjøsa Lake and into the famous valley known as Gudbrandsdalen. This a true taste of Norwegian backcountry and was also home to the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics in Kvitfjell. Most people consider this to be one of the best places for snowsports in all of Europe, but that’s just an opinion!

Book 7 Seater Car Rental Oslo Early

MPV’s especially 7 seaters are always in high demand in Oslo so please book your 7 or seater car rental in Oslo today!.