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7 Seater Car Rental Sardinia

Last reviewed Jan 2023 by MPV editorial team

9 Seater minivan hire has recently been added to the services provided by MPVRentals, the response has been good with a high demand for multi-seater cars that will seat 7,9,10,12 or 14 passengers, so please book well in advance.

We keep adding new partners, which in turn leads to a larger fleet of 7 seater cars Sardinia and some great deals on 7 seater car hire Portugal and Sardinia

People Carrier Rental from all Sardinia Airports

  • Alghero Airport, Sardinia
  • Cagliari Airport, Sardinia
  • Olbia Airpor, Sardiniat

9 Seater passenger van hire Sardinia

The 9 seater car rental Sardinia will provide some additional space for luggage, these sell out quickly during the summer month, so please book early.

Mercedes Benz Vito 9 seats

Passenger Van

Mercedes Benz Vito Or Similar

  • 9 Seats
  • 4 Bag
  • 4 Doors
  • Air Conditioning
  • Manual
  • Partial Payment

Fuel Policy

Same to Same

  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Collision Damage Waiver

Best 7 Seater Car Sardinia

The often overlooked island of Sardinia has long since been a great tourist destination and a great place to learn about some puzzling history. The fact of the matter is that Sardinia has a history dating back to the Nuragic civilization of 1500 BC and still to this day has some ancient ruins that are quite lovely. During the Roman Empire, the coasts were often raided by pirates and were often very violent. However, in this day and age, it is a quiet and cool Mediterranean climate with a lovely atmosphere that is well worth hiking, driving, and swimming around. Many people love to go diving here in hopes of uncovering some treasure, but even if you don’t – it is still a great place to swim! In this day and age, instead of battles on coastal towns in Sardinia, there is an abundance of fun tourism to be had.

Best Sardinia Seven Seater Drives

Most people often skip Sardinia, but those who love a great adventure will come here and enjoy the quiet islands and coastal drives to themselves. The SS 125 runs from Cagliari to Olbia and is around 3 hours, but is often done much slower as to stop in many of the smaller cities. The drive after all does run from top to bottom!

Cagliari is most famous for being the capital of Sardinia and a great introduction to Sardinian culture. You also got some of the best views in the country, especially from the infamous Bastione di Saint Remy.

Olbia, on the other hand, is the ferry port in the far south and is a great place to relax. If you keep going past Olbia, you’ll find yourself in one of the most popular resort cities in the whole entire country: San Teodoro. This city is often referred to as Sardinia’s “Emerald Coast” On the drive, most people opt to stop in Budoni. Budoni is a resort town that often draws in well over 50,000 visitors every summer because of the great beauty it has to offer. The whole drive, as short as it is, is quite wonderful and shouldn’t be missed.

Best time to visit Sardinia

Due to its clement weather, Sardinia can be visited at any time of the year. Even during the winter months, the temperatures rarely drop below 14 °C and most days are sunny.

Driving a 7seater car rental in Sardinia

Sardinia has a fairly good road network. There are motorways between the major cities. Drivers are required to pay tolls on some of them. Inland roads meander through picturesque terrain and are not congested. The legal blood-alcohol level is 0.5 mg/ml for drivers.

Speed limits:
Urban areas: 50kph.
National highways: 90kph.
Motorways: 120kph.