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7 Seater Car Hre Glasgow

Last reviewed June 2023 by MPV editorial team

Need a 7 seater car hire Glasgow? MPV Rentals can help you by comparing the rates of all the major providers of 7 seater car hire Scotland at Glasgow airport and other key locations within Scotland. This will make it easy for you to select the correct car size at the right price. 

If you are planning a golf outing to the nearby Killermont course, with a group of friends or workmates, a self drive minibus may well be more economical. In addition, it will let more of the party enjoy a cool beer at the 19th. We can provide a choice of seating configurations suitable for 8-passengers and 9 passengers. For smaller groups, consider the larger cars that can seat 7 in comfort such as the VW Touran which is always in demand.

7 and 9 seater FAQ's Glasgow Airport

What is the difference between 5+2 seats and a 7 seater?

A 5 + 2 seater is not a true 7 seater, as it will have 2 folding seats and will be smaller than the full size 9 seater. The 5+2 may be suitable, but keep in mind the space limitations for passengers and baggage if all seats are being sued.

Should I clean my MPV before returning it?

The car should be returned reasonably clean, if the car has been abused and is excessively dirty inside and outside, it is reasonable for the rental company can charge a cleaning fee.

Can anyone with a valid licence drive a 7 or 9 seater car?

No special licence is required to drive either a 7 seater car rental or 9 seater passenger van in Scotland. Some suppliers may stipulate a minimum age of 25 or alternatively charge an extra underage charge. Mist rental companies will expect the lead driver to have held a full licence for at least one year come pickup date.

Should I book early?

Booking early will give you two clear advantages.  1) you will normally get a cheaper price and 2) you will get a better choice. Why? Car prices in general rise as it gets closer to the rental start date and car categories especially the people carrier range do sell-out

7 seater car rental Glasgow airport
7 seater passenger van Glasgow

9 Seater Passenger Van Rental available at Glasgow Airport

9 seater passenger van rental Glasgow

How to avoid extra charges on 7 Seater Car Rental Glasgow 

Don't Get Charged for local Refuelling

All the supplier we work with in Glasgow offer a fair fuel policy. This means that you can return the car with the same amount of fuel to avoid refuelling charges. It is best to avoid refuelling charges as the rental company will also charge a service fee on top of the inflated fuel price, making it more expensive 

Return Car Clean

The care rental companies in Glasgow and elsewhere do not expect you to return the car spotless, but if it is returned in a state that will require extensive cleaning to get it fit for the next rental, the small print will allow the supplier to charge you a cleaning fee. It will be much cheaper to return the vehicle in a reasonably clean condition inside and outside than have to fork out for additional cleaning. 

Free Miles

If you are going to drive a lot, choose a supplier that offers unlimited miles. Most suppliers operating out of Glasgow airport do offer free miles. See result pages for full details.

Return Rental vehicle On Time

Most Glasgow rental companies will give you a grace period of 59 minutes, if you return after grace expect to pay for one additional day's rental. So if the return time is 14:00, and you return at 15:00 they will charge an extra day. To avoid, make sure that you give your self ample time to return on time.  The grace period is an unwritten rule, best not to test and aim to return early.

Weekly Rental 

If you need to rent a car for 6 days only, you may be surprised to find out that in most cases it is actually cheaper to rent it for 7 days. This is a quirk of the pricing system. Simply return early and if asked say your plans have changed.  Make sure depot is open on your early return date, or they have a key return policy.

7 Seater Car Hire Glasgow Road Access 

Glasgow, in the Strathclyde region of Scotland, is ideally situated for travelling to the rest of Scotland. The new M77 to the south-west gives access to Kilmarnock and the Ayrshire coast while the arterial M8 goes to Airdrie, Motherwell and Edinburgh in the east and also, out west of the city, to Paisley, Glasgow Airport and the Clyde coast. The M74 heads south to England through Lanark, New Lanark, and Lockerbie, turning into the M6 as it hits England. Stirling and the north-east can be reached via the M80 while the Highlands and Loch Lomond sit to the north-west along the A82.

7 seater car hire Glasgow

Four Recycling Centres:

Glasgow City Council operates 4 Recycling Centres, Dawsholm Recycling Centre, Easter Queenslie Recycling Centre, Polmadie Recycling Centre and Shieldhall Recycling Centre.

What they do not accept : Tyres and Commercial Waste

Compare 7 Seater Glasgow Car Hire

If you get multiple quotes for Glasgow car hire, you are on the path of finding a good deal on car rental in Scotland. We can provide quotes for 8 seater car hire and larger minibus size that can seat 11 passengers. 7 seater car rental is available from Glasgow airport and other parts of Scotland, including, Edinburgh airport and Aberdeen airport.  

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