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Compare 7 Seater Car Hire Malaga Airport

Last reviewed Feb 2024 by MPV editorial team

Search for a cheap People Carrier Hire Malaga Airport quote today and save. 

MPV Rentals can offer you wide choice of seven-seater vehicles to hire at Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport.  Check prices Self drive people carriers and passenger minivan rentals currently available to book at budget prices.

The seven seater car and 9 seater minivan are becoming increasingly popular every year with tour groups families with lots of kids. They do work out so much cheaper than hiring two cars and using two tanks of petrol.

Self drive people carriers and minivan rentals available to book at budget prices. The modern fleet in Malaga includes the luxurious Viano Mercedes 12 passenger Van or the Alhambra with 7 seats from and not forgetting the Mercedes Vito that can seat 8 in style and comfort. For more information on 7 seater car hire Spain enter your dates into our booking engine to see the options available

Where to pick up your rental car in Malaga

For most that will at Malaga Costa del Sol airport when they arrive, but others to pickup later in their trip from one of the following locations in Malaga.

9 and 7 Seater Car Hire, Malaga Examples

  • Citroen Grand Picasso – 5+2 Seater
  • Vauxhall Zafira – 5+2 Seater
  • Ford Galaxy – 7 Seater
  • Seat Alhambra – 7 Seater
  • Peugeot 5008
  • Renault Espace
  • Volkswagen Touran
  • Renault Trafic  9 seater passenger van
  • VW Transporter - 9 seater passenger van 

Required Documents to Rent A Car In Malaga

1) A Valid Driving Licence

The lead driver must have a valid driving licence. All suppliers will insist that you have held the driving licence for at least two years. Please note, other suppliers may require you to have held a licence for a longer period. Please refer to the supplier's terms for the exact requirements 

Driver Age

The minimum age for rental in Malaga is 21, please note some suppliers may charge an underage charge if you are under 25.

Licence in English Alphabet

The licence should be from your Country of domicile (where you live) and if it is NOT in the English or Roman alphabet then you will also need an International Driving permit (IDP)

2) A Credit Card or in Some Cases a Debit Card for Local Security Deposit

All rental companies will require a local security deposit. Most will only accept a credit card in the name of the lead driver. However, a growing number will also accept a Debit Visa Card.

Use the filter on the results page to select suppliers that will also accept a debit card for local security deposit. When we last checked the following list of suppliers would accept Visa Debit Card, Alamo, Record go and Routes Car Rentals.

  • Payment Card and pickup
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

3) Proof of Identity

The rental company will accept your passport, which they will photocopy as proof of identity. 

4) A Car Rental Voucher

If you book online you will be issued a car rental voucher, this must also be presented to the local rental company.

7 Seater Car Hire Malaga Options

The seven metal car is a popular choice in Malaga, and all supplier offer a good choice of models.  The VW is on most fleets, including Click Rent, Malaga who provide a free shuttle service from Malaga arrivals hall 

Passenger Van

Volkswagen Touran Or Similar

  • 7 Seats
  • 1 Bag
  • 4 Doors
  • Air Conditioning
  • Manual
  • Partial Payment

Fuel Policy

Full to full

  • Mileage: 1050 km per rental
  • Collision Damage Waiver

9 Seater Van Rental Malaga Options

Fewer 9 seater minivans exist in Spanish rental fleets than 7 seaters, so if you need a nine seater, please book as early as possible to secure this sought after category 

Mercedes Benz Vito 9 seats

Passenger Van

Mercedes Vito Or Similar

  • 9 Seats
  • 2 Bag
  • 4 Doors
  • Air Conditioning
  • Manual
  • Partial Payment

Fuel Policy

Full to full

  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Collision Damage Waiver

People Carrier Rental Malaga Airport Suppliers

avis malaga

Malaga Airport T2 Lower Ground Floor: T3 Ground Floor Telephone: 0034 902 180 854 Email: atencion.alcliente@avis.es Website: Avis & Budget

Malaga Airport T2 Lower Ground Floor: T3 Ground Floor Telephone: 902 503 010 Email: es_customerservice@europcar.com Website: Europcar

Malaga Airport T2 Lower Ground Floor: T3 Ground Floor Telephone: 0034 902 119 726 Email: agp@goldcar.es Website: Goldcar

The largest city on the Costa del Sol, in the Malaga providence, is a world-renowned dreamscape that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. With a history dating back 2,800 years, it is considered one of the oldest cities in the world. An abundance of different activities exists in Malaga because of the great Mediterranean year-round weather and historical significance, making this city in Spain a top destination for young and old alike. The birthplace of Pablo Picasso has vast landscapes that inspire other artists to paint on canvas their own view of Spain – why not be an artist yourself and enjoy the gift of beaches, Mediterranean cuisine, starry skies, and wonderful roads to cruise on?

Enjoy hiking, painting, historical architecture, dozens of museums, all under the Spanish sun in this wonderful city. Bring your water bottle and head to Malaga. Don’t forget the sunscreen and camera!

7 seater car hire malaga airport no fuel charge

7 Seater eater Car Hire Malaga  airport drives 

The perfect combination of historical architecture and modern lifestyles, also blended with historic culture, is what you’ll find on the back roads driving through this Spanish city. If you want to do a tour of just Malaga, why not head to Picasso’s Museum? After which you can head to one of the Roman theatres near Alcazaba. The Alcazaba is easily one of the most famous sights in all of Malaga, home to an 11th century Moorish castle. If you need a little bit more active of a lifestyle, why not go climbing in their gorge? Or lay on the beaches of La Malagueta near the city centre.

If you are up for a longer drive, most people take the drive from Malaga to Granada. This 125km drives is about an hour and a half on A-92 – but it is well worth the drive. Along the way, you’ll pass historic Muslim sites and the cities of Ronda and Rio Guadalevin. Rio Guadalevin is famous for the marshlands of Costa Del Sol and worth a couple photos and more. While in Ronda, visit Puente Nuevo to see the 100-meter bridge built in 1793 over the gorge. Take the drive slow and enjoy the Spanish sun

Popular 7 seat cars for hire in AGP Airport, Spain

The car rental suppliers in Malta offer a range of people carriers that can seat 7 or 8 passengers, plus a good stock of larger 9 seater minivans.

Car Model Category Doors
Peugot 5008 5+2 Minivan Peugot 5008 5+2 5 Doors 7
VW Touran draggable= Minivan VW Touran 5 Doors 7
VW Caddy Minivan VW Caddy 5 Doors 7
Citroen C4 Grand Picasso Minivan Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 5 Doors 7
Ford Galxay Ford Galxay People Carrier 5 Doors 7
Full-size Van VW Caravelle Minivan Full-size Van VW Caravelle Allicante Airport 5 Doors 9

Car Rental malaga airport - no fuel charge

Spain has gained a bad reputation for fuel rip offs. Unlike most other countries, some Spanish car rental companies will make you pay up front for a full tank of fuel upfront and return empty. This is very unfair, especially if you are only going to use the rental car for a few days and will never need a full tank. In addition, the fee they charge is a premium, making the fuel more expensive than if you filled up in a local fuel station.

We can help we have included a filter, so you can select only the Malaga car rental suppliers that offer return same level policy. Normally, the same level is full to full or half full to half full.

One Way passenger van hire malaga Airport

The demand for seven seater car hire especially at Malaga airport and Alicante airport is high in the summer months with demand exceeding supply.  With that helpful hint, don’t wait, book your 5,6,7 or 8 seater rental today with MPV rentals and make savings. Compare prices for 7 seater car hire Malaga airport with us to find the best deal.

FAQ about 7-seats Car Hire at Malaga

What Is The Minimum Age At Malaga to rent a 7 seater?

For luxury SUV and people carriers, most car rental suppliers impose a minimum age of 25 and also have held a driving licence for at least 2 years. Some exceptions to this rule do exists, example NIZACARS will allow driver to be age 21,but must have hekl licence for 2 years in addition they will charge an underage driver fee.

How many seats are in a people carrier?

The number of seats ranges from 7 to 9 seats.  The smallest people carrier is identified on the results page as 5 +2 seats which translates into 5 standard seats and a rear folding row of 2 seats that expands the seating capacity to 7. The Opel Zafira is a good example of this category. Next is the full size MPV which is perfect for group travel. The Ford Galaxy people carrier is a good example of this car rental category. 

For many whole families 7 seats may still be a bit of a squeeze, enter the 9 seater range, the VW Caravelle fall into this category and will normally for 4 rows of seats.

How much is it to hire a 7 seater for a week at AGP Airport, Spain?

It will depend on time of year, but in low season expect to pay €245 for a week in Malaga Airport. When working out total cost also take into account the rice of any extras that you may need and the price of fuel.

Is 7 seater for rental available with Free Miles?

Yes some suppliers are offering unlimited miles these include Alamo, Alquicoche Rent A Car and Enterprise, others have a cap example okmobility  offer a Mileage allowance of 2100 km per rental