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Compare 7,8 9 and 12 Seater Minivan Hire USA

Last reviewed 22nd Jan 2023 by MPV editorial team

Van Rental USA  - 9 Seater Car Hire  

When you need to rent a 7 seater in the USA, MPV can provide a range of vehicles that can provide comfortable seating for groups of 7,8 and 9. Trust in our motto book early and you will receive the best prices. A frequent question before renting a 12 seater minibus is “Do I need any special licence?”. We are pleased to be able to answer that hiring any MPV, including the 12 seater minivan category, only requires the standard driving licence needed for car rental. We have a depot at all the 3000 airports in the USA!

Display only passenger vans USA with Search Filter

If you're looking for people carrier rental in the USA, our search technology is designed to make your search easy by only displaying multi-occupancy vehicles, saving you time from having to filter through uninteresting results. Whether you call it a minivan, passenger van, MPV, or people carrier, we have you covered.

7 and 8 Seater Car Hire USA 

7 and 8 seater car rental USA

MPV Rental Drives USA

What can really be said about the United States of America that hasn’t already been said a million times before? It has the nickname America the Beautiful for a reason! This melting pot of cultures is home to such a wide variety of different landscapes and architectural wonders. You also have a variety of different types of food that can only be found in one certain area. The USA draws in millions of visitors each year and there is certainly a reason. The USA is one of the few places on earth that can offer all geographical climates in one country. You have the gorgeous beaches in Florida, the dangerous mountains of Colorado, and the sand dunes in Nevada and California. You can truly find it all in America, and we have named some of our favourite places to visit.

Recommended 9 Seater Van drives in USA

I5 from California to Washington.

Interstate 5 from Washington to California is great because it offers you the ability to take so many other roads and circulate back to the I5. You have the ability to see the infamous redwood forests by splitting off onto the 101. You get to head through numerous different mountains passes and famous cities like Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. Furthermore, you can drive to numerous amounts of beaches by easily following a map off of I5, stop in the world class cities, all in a matter of hours. This road itself provides the ability to see the wide variety of landscapes all on one road.

The Devil’s Backbone

Driving through Texas is definitely an experience. Not many other places in the world can you drive for hours and still be in the same state! Everything truly is bigger in Texas, and this drive will help you understand. Looking up at the stars at night and seeing how clear it is, or looking at the landscape around you and seeing how flat it, is truly a unique experience. This 400-mile drive is full of interesting and fun places to stop. You have the cowboy culture, Native American culture, and modern day life. On the farm road 32, you can stop and see all the oaks and cactus' at The Devil’s Backbone overlook. Don’t forget to see the limestone hills of Road 3424.

Yellowstone National Park:

Yellowstone barely needs an introduction with how famous it is. The Beartooth HWY (US 212) is a 68-mile road that was built in 1932 and leads you to the entrance of this grand national park. Taking you through the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness is a true glimpse at real untouched nature, as it spreads from Montana to Wyoming. This area is home to some of the oldest rocks in all the US. You also have Chief Joseph Scenic Highway is 47 miles long and has the infamous Dead Indian Pass viewpoint at over 8048 ft (2453.03meters.)

Best time to rent a passenger van with 9 seats in USA

Being so vast, it is truly an all year round destination.

Driving in a 9 or 12 seater passenger van in USA

As said earlier, USA is home to many different geographical landscapes and weather conditions. Anything can change in a day, from mountain snow to hot desert heat on flat roads. You have hairpin turns and long flat stretches of road that come out of nowhere. It is best to always be aware. Drinking and driving is a serious offence in the US, this is something that needs to be constantly reminded. Most speed limits are around 60-70mph, while in cities it can drop quickly to around 10-15mph from 35mph. Always be aware of changing speed limits, as police love to give tickets.

SUV Hire Florida

Orlando is the top destination in Florida, with SUV Rental Florida being the choice for nearly one in four rental customers. We can provide you with an impressive range of options at budget prices for SUV rentals in the US and in particular locations in the state of Florida

High Demand for 8 Seater Car Hire in The USA

USA is the ultimate fly drive destination. A big demand exists for car rental at all key airports. The demand peaks in the summer months when 8 seater car hire Florida starts to sell out due to high demand. If you need an 8 seater car hire Orlando, please book early to avoid any disappointment

Passenger Vans USA are in high demand at all major airports, with passenger van rental San Francisco in particular demand during high season

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