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6 Seater Car Hire

The 6 Seater car hire is very popular for large families and when 3 couples are going on a holiday together. The seating configuration is generally 3 rows of 2 seats. In the past, there were larger cars with bench seats that were big enough to accommodate 3 passengers, but they are no longer being made.

Types of 6 Seater Car Hire

In the past, the type of vehicle for a family of 6 would have been a station wagon. The modern version of that vehicle is a very popular SUV. There are also some minivans configured to handle 6 adults. 

MPV Rentals work hard to ensure that we provide customers with all of the best 6 seater hire deals with no unexpected charges.

What are the advantages of using a 6 Seater car hire?

The size of the vehicle that can seat 6 adults is larger than your average car. Because of that, the interior has more room for a better travelling environment. This larger space also provides ample room for the luggage most travellers will bring with them.

By hiring one of these larger vehicles, all 6 people in your group can make the journey together. This removes the possibility of one or more of them getting lost or separated from the group, as can happen when travelling in more than one vehicle. 

Can a vehicle designate 5+2 accommodate 6 adults?

Technically, the answer is yes, but not comfortably. The +2 designation is referring to 2 folding seats back in the luggage area of the vehicle. They have been designed for smaller occupants like children due to the lack of legroom. Because of the location of the folding seats, less luggage will be able to pack into the vehicle for the people travelling on holiday. 

Are there any 6 Seater economical car hire?

  • Fiat Multipla
  • List Element
  • Honda FR-V

Is six seater car hire popular?

Because of the mid-size of a 6 seater vehicle, they are not very numerous or popular by rental agencies. The most popular and numerous vehicles for hire are economical, sports cars and vans. Because of this, there is a wide selection of them to choose from, which reduces the number of 6 seater vehicles. Since this is the case, the selection is limited and at times there is not even one available for hire. To ensure you can hire the vehicle you need, it is advisable to book your rental at least a month in advance.

It is important to be comfortable when travelling for business or a holiday. The people carrier category is preferred when in a group this large. It allows for all in the party to arrive together comfortably. To make this occur, the booking of the vehicle should occur no less than a month in advance. The farther ahead, the better.

3 steps to booking a 6 seater car rental in the UK

  • Enter dates to reveal price comparison for 6 seater car hire
  • Choose the six seater that meets with your bidget and travel requirements.
  • You booking will be confirmed in real time with an option to pay on arrival, with a small deposit upfront 

Our advice to find a cheap 6 Seater rental

The Time of Year

Most car rental companies have high and low seasons, and they adjust their rental car prices accordingly. During the summer months and school holiday, expect to pay more for if you are planning renting out during the high seasons. 

Additional driver fees

If you are off on touring style holiday from our own experience it will make life so much pleasurable if you can share the burden of always being the sole driver. Look for suppliers that offer additional drivers for free. We highlight these suppliers in the results page. Also, make sure the additional driver does not forget to bring his//her normal driving licence to be added to the agreements.

Mileage and fuel policy:

When searching for 6 seater car hire on MPV Rental, take note of the supplier terms, in particular what is their policy on fuel policy and mileage limits. If you exceed your mileage limit or opt for a 6-seater with a full-to-empty fuel policy, you might encounter unexpected charges upon returning the vehicle. On our website, we exclusively offer full-to-full rentals or same to same, and we consistently provide transparent information regarding mileage allowances to ensure a clear and hassle-free rental experience.

Need more than 6 seats

We specialize in multi car hire worldwide and can offer 9 seater van rental, 8 seater car hire and seven seater car hire, plus a range of option above and in between these minivans. 

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