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Compare 8 Seater Car Hire

Last reviewed May 2023 by MPV editorial team

The 8 seater cat hire sector continues to grow. The people carrier sector has traditionally been dominated with 7 and 9 seaters, but now a range of 8 seater car rental options are available. This is particularly true if you are picking up a car rental in Australia. The 8 seater is a good option for 6 or 7 passengers as it will give some extra room for luggage. If you are intending using all 8 seats, you should consider upgrading to a 12 seater van or a 9 seater passenger van, you will not regret the extra leg room.

Why choose an 8 seater car hire?

The 8 seater car hire is a wise choice for large families and groups of people travelling together. With 8 seats inside, they can accommodate 8 passengers, but where are you going to put the luggage for 8 people? For groups of 6 people, the last two seats are an ideal place to store all the luggage without making the interior of the van seem cramped.

Another advantage of using an 8 seated van for renting on your trip is the seats are all real seats and not of the pull-down variety that many of the smaller minivans and SUV offer. In reality, those seats are made to accommodate children, not adults.

Some questions to consider before deciding on car or minivan size needed

  • Luggage volume and is it flexibile so that you maximise the boot space
  • Number of passenegers, it is always wise to book a size larger than actually needed for that extra comfort, especially onn long journeys 
  • Extras or special requirements  

Is a 8 seater car hire cheap to hire?

The rental cost of an 8 passengers van is generally more than other options that are available due to the size and expense of the vehicle. This is because the investment by the rental agency is higher than what it invests in the smaller, economical vehicle they offer.

The nice advantage of renting out the larger 8 passenger van is everyone in your group can travel together. The alternative is to hire 2 smaller vehicles. These smaller vehicles are rented for less, but with being two vehicles there are two of everything including deposits, rental price, fuel used and drivers required. In total, this is more than what the price of an 8 passenger van will cost.

What is the best plan to make sure an 8 passenger van is available for hire?

To ensure the 8 seater car model is available for your party on the days it will be needed is to plan ahead. When a holiday is being planned, one of the first items generally discussed is transportation. This includes both air and land travel accommodations.

Most travellers book their flights months in advance. The 8 passenger van hire should also be done months in advance. This makes it possible for the rental agencies to reserve the van for your use. For some last minute planners, the locating of an 8 passenger van for hire might be difficult to not available since they are not that common or numerous. 

Extensive Range of 8 Seater Car rental Options

Most suppliers now offer a good range of 8 seater car models, both automatic and manual shift options, at all popular car hire locations. Some examples include the Ford Galaxy, Kia Carnival, Oversized Chevrolet Suburban SUV and the Honda Odyssey. These are premium models and all will have air conditioning as standard and most will have adoptive cruise control. Pay attention to luggage capacity when choosing to rent a people carrier. 

8 seater car hire
8 seater car rental Melbourne, Australia
8 seater suv car rental

Compare 8 passenger seaet car hire with

When travelling in a large group, a people carrier is the best choice to make. It is the least expensive, safest due to the vehicle being larger than most cars, and makes it possible for your group to travel together to their destination. The secret to doing this is planning in advance.

Can I Use My Debit Card instead of a Credit Card?

More rental companies are now accepting debit cards for local security deposit. Keddy car rental will now accept a debit card. The difference is that the security deposit will actually be charged to your debit card. With a credit card, the amount will be blocked and then released at the end of the rental period. 

Use the filter on the results page to filter out suppliers that accept a debit card for local security deposit. 

payment card type

8 Seater Car Hire FAQs

Do I need a special licence for 8 seater car hire?

You do not need a special licence to drive or rent a 8 seater car. The lead driver will just need your driving licence from your country of origin. In addition, the lead driver must have a valid credit card and have held a driving licence for at least 2 years. Some exceptions do exist in which the supplier will accept a debit visa card. Please refer to the individual supplier terms and conditions.

What is the 8 seater car hire fueld Policy?

We only feature suppliers that offer a fair fuel policy. A fair fuel policy will let you return the car with the same amount as supplied when picked up.

How much Luggage space in an 8 Seater passenger van

In general, the luggage space does not match with the number of passengers. Most will accommodate 2 to 3 pieces of luggage. We always recommend upgrading when booking a people carrier, so if you only need 6 seats an 8 seater will give that extra room for luggage. 

How do I add child seats to my 8-seater passenger van booking?

Child seats can be added on the extras page after you select the car model of your choice. Please also note that you can bring your own child seats if preferred.

What the people carrier is too small for my luggage?

We strongly recommend booking a size larger than required for additional luggage space. An 8 seater will not provide sufficient luggage space for 8 adults. If you do need to upgrade it will be expensive and that is if they have a larger van available. 

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