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9 Seater Car Hire

Last reviewed Jan 2023 by MPV editorial team

9 seater car rental is a popular option for families or small groups. All rental companies will keep 9 seater vans, but the numbers will be less for the more run of the mill categories. As such, if you need to rent a 9 seater, you must do so well in advance of your travel dates to ensure the 9 seater will be available. The MPV rentals website specialises in the renting of multi seaters. To book a 9 seater van, enter your travel dates and select the van of your choice and complete the booking online.

Many occasions exist when travelling as a group is more convenient than renting several small cars. The advantages include less fuel costs. The option to hire a larger 9 seater van also provide that added space which will provide you with a more comfortable trip compared to several small cars. 

We also advise booking slightly larger than need. For example, if you are a group of 8 should really book a 9 seater to give that extra luggage space and make the experience special for all the occupants. Some 7 seater car rentals such as the Zafira use the two rear seats to provide 5 plus 2 seats. So if you need a 7 seater with decent luggage space it is best to book either the full size 7 seater or better still opt for the 9 seater, and you will have the at extra critical luggage space that is needed.

Advantages of Renting a 9 Seater Include:

More Legroom, More Comfort

Everyone stays together

Can be Cheaper than hiring two small cars.

Luggage Space :if not all seats used

If you are searching for a 9 seater car to rent, MPV rentals can help you. MPV rentals can provide you with a good selection of 9 seaters to hire. So if you are off on to the Zoo or the amusement park and wish to travel as a group or being members of the extended families, this is the best option. At the same time, be aware that for the reason of practicability for group travel, these minivans are always in high demand. In order to not be disappointed, please book your minivan well in advance of your proposed travel dates. This is especially true if the rental is needed for fixed dates like a holiday. In fact it may be prudent to get your 9 seater confirmed before buying the flight and other parts of the holiday.

9 Seater Car Rental classifications

PVAR 9 Seater Car Rental Automatic
Hiace 12 seater rentalminibus
7 Sater Car Rental

Car Code

Car Description

PVAR (Automatic)

Mercedes Vito, VW Caravelle


Ford Transit, VW Bus, VW Caravelle

Popular 9 Seater car hire locations

The USA is a popular travel destination for family van rental, with a high demand for 7 and 8 seater car hire Orlando and Orlando van rental.